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2018 Weekenders Golf Club
our 46th year

Mike Miniaci gets his first Weekenders victory....

Mike Mniaci, kept the ball in play at a very tough Berkshire Valley but he needed to with the steady rain all week the course never mowed all week, so if you didn't keep it in the shortest stuff out there it was a challenge. Challenge like  net 80 got you Ryder Points. Mike shot a fantastic 79-13=66 to earn his firsr long awaited club victory, Mike Pettigrew was next closest with his 80-13 = 67.  Nice win Mike, congratulations 


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Next Up:
SUNDAY June 3   Riverview     9:00 am start  

Riverview located in Easton, PA is a wonderful course so much so that our members have asked to get a second event there, so you shall receive, the 2018 season, we are there, on June 3 then will be back again in Sept. Pictured above is the 12th hole, a par 3 carved in the side of the mountain near the main entrance. You get this, then onto the toughest hole par 5, 13th. The 13th to me isn't that tough if you decide to play it the way the gods intended you to. Be smart and don't look to be a hero. Usually the one that has a great 13th holds on for the win there, Good Luck to you all.   

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2018   GOLF CLUB W.O.R.E
Sunday Oct. 28th at Black Bear
A Ryder cup style event for golf clubs w/o real estate
if interested in competing use the contact us page to get details.