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2017 Weekenders Golf Club
our 45th year

Andy Leishman, claims the Hill

Andy Leishman gets the win at Morgan Hill on Sunday. He bested Dave Severson on the tiebreaker both finished with net 65's, but Andy won the tiebreaker (net total handicap holes 1, 2, 17 & 18) Andy 18-6=12 to Dave 24-6=18.


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Next Up:
 Sunday July 9 Shawnee (R-W) 
7:55 am start

Shawnee is up next or us on July 9th. We will be on the RED-WHITE 9's with a 7:55 starting time. Shawnee was known as our home away from home in the past where historically we had at least 2 f not 3 events there in a season. However, with them now owning and running Great Bear also, we try to get on each course at least once a season. The pic above is the view from above of the holes located on the island side of the grounds. Someone in the past as historically gone low for the win, Who will it be this season???

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